Summer Sucks, Thank Goodness For Setting Spray!

The worse time of the year when my whole face just wants to melt off! It's so hard not to look like a melted candle in this weather. I loathe California so much.

I made my crop top. I had one that I bought very similar but it was way too small. It was a childs size. I already had the material from a apron I had so I just used the buttons and zipper from the original.

I freaking LOVE my parasol I got at the thrift store!

Movie star status with them shades.

My makeup came out so good. I used Jeffree Stars, "Beauty Killer" palette on my eyes and I used purple and pink on my lips from Lime Crime.

My Iron Fist heels. Yaaaaaas. Love the skull lace print.

Miso and Snow Bee Review!

I had a hot date well kind of. I had a hot date with some hot ramen noodles! Egh jk. Okay well I had two hot dates! The veggie ramen was delicious! The broth was delicious! Every time I have Asian food I have to make sure that there is no fish sauce or seaweed in anything. I hate seafood!

I want to say that this "sushi" was the best tasting thing I have had all year. I always wanted to try a sushi roll that had no fish or used nori paper. This sushi roll was wrapped in soy paper. It had rice, avocado, green onion, sweet potatos, carrots, sesame seeds and some other sauces. I dipped it in soy sauce. There was some mayo sauce on it. I thought it was ranch but I dunno. I can't see them using ranch lol. It is my new favorite food! No joke! If you dislike fish and that god awful nori paper then try to have this made or just go to "Miso" in Midtown Sacramento. It is directly across from "Tower". IT GETS A 10!!!!

After we finished that delicious dinner I was in the mood for something that has been on my rain for weeks after I discovered it. There is Asian dessert, drink, and food place called, "Snow Bee". They hake huge desserts and lots of milk teas with boba. Lots of ice cream cake treats and salty food too. They have some of the best salted french fries too. First time I came here I was disappointed. I looked up, "French Macarons" on yelp and this place came up with a picture of this dessert mountain called. "Macaron Madness". I was sold. Unfortunately we showed up at midnight or after and they were all out of supplies except a few macarons. So I had the macarons and that was it This time the place was packed and we had to wait for over 30 minutes. I was scared that they would sell out but they did not. It took another 30 mins for them to make it though. There was a lot of people in that place though so I understand. It's definitely a teen hang out for sure. 

When they brought it out I was in AWE! y eyes sparkled so brightly. OMGAH! I was in heaven! I finally got my Macaron Madness! It was made with I think the same batter as egg puffs. Not sure if you know what I mean. Asian places have these yummy waffle looking things called egg puffs. Its a sweet dessert kind of thing. It was not cake or waffle. It was soft and toasty. It had green tea ice cream, strawberry ice cream, vanilla ice cream, mochi bits, almonds, whipped cream, chocolate chips, 2 wafer roll cookies, strawberry syrup, and 3 or 4 French Macarons.

OMGAH! Inside the cake like thing were little cubed buttery ones inside it!!!!

We demolished it in a little over 5 mins.

This day me and my friend went to East Lawn Cemetery in Midtown Sacramento. I wanted a peaceful picnic.

I had a portobello mushroom burger. I misread the menu. I thought it was a regular burger with mushrooms o top. I was wrong. It was one huge thick ass juicy mushroom. I could only stomach half of it.

Look who I found roaming the cemetery.

Otto's Grocery Haul

Otto's is a local Asian supermarket here in Sacramento. I always go nuts in there.

I got Ramune sodas in the flavors: Champagne, peach, litchi, watermelon, melon, mango, and raspberry.

Champagne is one I have been curious about. It's just flavored, no actual alcohol is in it. It was sweet and it wasn't dry like most champagnes I have had in the past. It is also less carbonated. I find with Ramune sodas that they are not that bubbly compared to American sodas. Marble sodas are so cool. I just love opening these.

I DO NOT recommend this tea latte. GROSS!

These are a new favorite! They are like white cheddar cheetos with a white chocolate and milk coating on them. Sweet and a little bit salty too. Definitely one of my three faves from this haul.

I thought this was one of those cool candy kits. It's boring though.

Banana taffy you dip in chocolate and sprinkles. The chocolate was good though.

Same with this one. Boring.

Taffy candy dipped in sour cherry sauce and sprinkles. I hate sour stuff.

OMGAH! These pastry rolls are delish! I always get these when I go to Otto's. Strange thing is they taste a little like alcohol if you don't air them out like 10 mins before you eat them. That is because of the small alcohol packets that are in the package to maintain freshness.

Butterscotch candies I got for my mother.

Peach gum. I have tried this before. I bought it on ebay a while back so I knew I would like it.

I am not a fan of Nori so I bought these for my mom.

OOOOH I forgot about these! Okay I make these one of my faves out of the now four items that I favorited from this haul. Flower Kiss Candy. These are plum flavored hard candies, So sweet!

Yeah these are a favorite for sure. They are kind of smooth tasting because of the milk. They are 100% hard candy, no chewy center.

Big Thunder 2. I have never even had the original. It was good. I would totally buy again.

It's like a chocolate covered oreo with cornflakes inside. At least fro the picture it looks like cornflakes are in it. I did not see one at all or taste any.

I like the small Caplico's a lot better.

It's like strawberry and milk chocolate, chocolate inside a wafer cone.


These are my third favorite from this haul. SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!!!!

Flaky pastry inside the chocolate coating. OMGAH! I like how they are individually wrapped too. They didn't even last 24 hours.

This stuff works amazing, Every time I buy clear gloss coats they take forever to dry and make my polish shrivel up and look weird. This glosses my nails up and doesn't take long to dry. One coat is all you need. Inside the grocery store there is a Daiso section. Daiso means dollar. I used to love going to the San Francisco Daiso. YAAAAS!

Just bobby pins. I only like the kind that come from Daiso. They are really sturdy and are super hard. It holds even the thinnest hair in place. I have long ones so these are the short ones.

For $1.25 I get 4 charcoal nose strips. F yeah! I need to go back and get more. I always get mine from the .99 store. Only 3 come in a pack. I think these are more heavy duty. I always use charcoal products on my face. They haven't let me down yet.

I have used one of these so far. I think I will get mine from here and the nose strips from here also. Better deal than the .99 store. Asians have FLAWLESS skin because they know what's up. Better deal from here or any Daiso than the .99 and dollar trees. You only get 2 collagen face masks at the .99 and dollar trees and for .25 more from the Daiso products you get one more.

I tried these lashes and I have no complaints. They are really flexible and come with glue. I use black adhesive though so I will probably use the tube of glue to add glitter on my eyes. Another Daiso product.

Lastly this is my 4th favorite item from my haul.. A small ice cream calculator. Didn't come with batteries though. Boo. I need a teeny tiny screwdriver too.

All in all I think I spent only $50 for everything. That's 26 items. Buying this stuff online would have been much more. I just signed up with Tokyo Treat for like $35 for a subscription box. I should get 13-17 items so we will see if its a better deal than what I spent. Sucks that it will take 2 weeks to get to me though since they ship directly from Japan. Ships for free though so I can't complain.


Your day has been made once one of your biggest celebrity crushes likes your pics on IG!!! I have a HUGE lady boner for Rick Genest aka Zombie Boy. I used to blog about him hehe. Totally fangirling right now *FAINTS*

AND He struck again and commented on a palette that I pressed pigments into. If Rick Genest approves then it must be the shit! Yaaaaaasssss!!!! FUCKING MARRY MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

AND BAM! He followed meeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's it I'm fucking DEAD!

Try The World FREE Trial Sweden Box

Here is another Try The World box I got for free. I just paid $5 shipping. The same offer is right HERE just pay shipping and cancel your subscription at any time.

This time I got a rectangular box. It is larger than all the other boxes I have received. It was heavy!

Under the lid was the Sweden box guide.

First up we have Nordic Fudge. The pamphlet says...

"Many Swedes have fond memories of making fudge and eating it during the typical fika coffee break. This fudge is made by hand with wild berries that are harvested from the forests in the north."

It was very delicious. Super rich and buttery! I liked it a lot, but I can only have a tiny piece because of the richness. It reminded me of butterscotch in a way. It really does melt in your mouth.

Next up we have the ground coffee.

"The fika coffee break is one of the most recognizable traditions. True to this cultural heritage, Lofbergs has been harvesting and roasting their coffee blends through sustainable methods since their founding in 1906."

I just made the coffee. It is ground extremely fine! It's like powder. I thought it was going to make me sick and be super strong but it was just right. It has a very strong coffee aroma that will make you sprout hairs on your chest just smelling it. I added hazelnut creamer and a bit of sugar. It is so delicious! I made myself a whole pot. I have enough to make 20 cups total. I used half a bag now and I will use the other half tomorrow.

Next up we have these Double Chocolate Crisps! Mmmmmm....

"By using local ingredients from Southern Sweden, Gille cookies have gained incredible popularity, becoming a staple treat of many Swedish homes. They're a perfect addition to the traditional Swedish coffee break known as fika."

These are really good! They are hard on the outside. Not hard as in a cookie but more hard and crispy like a chip. The chocolate was creamy. Probably because of this Cali heat. They were delicious. Very crispy. They are pretty rich as well. Two were perfect for me.

Next we have these Flatbread Crisps, Lingonberry Preserves, and Sweet and Hot Mustard.

"For thousands of years, women baked flatbread made of barley, the only grain that grew in Sweden. To revive stale bread, they brushed it with oil and baked it again. Morsjo Deli keeps this heritage alive by following similar production methods."

I tried one with some Lingonberry preserves and a tad bit of the sweet and hot mustard. The pamphlet recommends it so I tried it. It was gross. I do not prefer either of them on the flatbread crisp. I will try a cheese spread on them instead. They are good though! Just not with the jam or mustard. Maybe if I put some meat on it with the mustard. Hmmm...there are several ways this could be delicious.

"Lingonberry preserves are a essential addition to a variety of Swedish dishes. Since their founding in 1938, Hafi continues to make their delicious, slightly tart preserves with lingonberries that are picked in wild, eco-certified forests."

I can honestly say I do not care much for the Lingonberry preserves. I think I have had this before at Thanksgiving on some turkey. I think I liked it that way. Other than that no. I don't even like turkey anymore. It may be good on chicken. It is very tart and bitter. This so far may be my least favorite. So far everything is delicious.

"This incredible mustard has won over 16 awards in worldwide competitions over the past seven years. Their secret is using domestically-grown mustard seeds and combining them with local honey and high-quality spices."

It has a strong honey mustard taste, A bit spicy and a lot sweet. This would be good on salami.

Next to last we have this. Sweet licorice I am not a fan of black licorice at all. I did eat one. It was disgusting. It left a horrible after taste. This right here is the number one most hated out of this box. Next is the Lingonberry jam and that's about it. I liked the rest of the stuff.

"Licorice, one of Sweden's best-loved candies, is typically made salty or sweet. We chose to include this authentic, sweet variety in your box, so you can experience the Swedish licorice obsession yourself!"

Lastly we have this ORGANIC Elderflower Saft Syrup.

"Saft is a sweet and refreshing syrup that's typically mixed with water (we do not recommend drinking it on its own). This one is made from organic elderflowers grown on a farm that practices crop rotation, a farming technique that replenishes nutrients in the soil."

It recommends to make a sorbet or mix with sparking water. I will have to look up recipes. I am kind of anxious to try this in some non alcoholic beverages. The back of the pamphlet gives recipes as well.

Also included under the lid is a coupon for another subscription box called, Drink the World. It gives a $10 coupon code. I threw it away. If interested the code is: TRYTHEWORLD

This is the Sweden pamphlet. On this side they give recipes for each of the items. One is Salmon & Dill Toasts. Ew I hate seafood. No thank you. It includes the flatbread crisps and mustard from the box.

Another recipe is for Swedish Dumplings. It includes the jam and mustard from the box in this recipe.

The next recipe is for summer drinks including the elderflower saft.

Next is a recipe for ham and cheese toats including the flatbread crisps and mustard from the box.

Lastly it explains what the Swedish coffee break fika is. And after I reviewed this box I had my fika break.

The other side explains what every item in the box is with a little history of each.

I loved those double chocolate crisps.

And the coffee omgaaah! Mmmmm!