I am over the moon about this! This is my first car that is just MINE! I have come so far these past 15 months. Worked extremely hard and it is all paying off! This is my new baby.

I bought these wings and horns for both front and back emblems.

License plate frame.

See? I told you my other car is a hearse.

These do not smell but they look cute poking out of my vents. Too bad the scent isn't strong.

I got this one at bath and body works but it doesn't smell much either. Waste of money. Couldn't even smell it the second day. 

On the hood of my car system I put a bedazzled BOO jeweled sticker. I got it at the .99 cent store!

I got these blood splatter sticky window cling jelly things at the .99 cent store too. I put on my two side windows.

I bought this pillow at World Market so it stays in my backseat.

I bought this lil guy at the .99n store. His name is Mr. Creepy.

AWESOME little solar dash buddy I got from the .99 store as well.

New seat covers.

Vampira air freshener.

Custom sun shade. I supplied a ebay seller with a pic and they made it for me.

I got a few more metal rhinestone bat emblems for the inside of my car.

All black and silver spooky interior.

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