Maila Had Cherry Eye!

Maila was fine all day and then I notice her eye! I have seen this on dogs before and they needed surgery because it kept getting bigger.

My poor baby. Well....It is called "cherry eye". I found a article some woman wrote about her dog. She showed pictures of her dogs eye that looked just like Mailas. She put warm compresses on her dogs eye and it went away! I did that for hours with Maila. Below I shall show results!

Here we are at 4am!

(She looks chubby but that's because I have her scrunched up like a accordian. When she is standing she evens out nicely.)

That's a happy face right there!!!

My baby is all better. You're welcome baby!

I must also show this amazing glass skull cup I got from Ross.

My mom is so awesome for finding these for both my dogs. OMGAH French Macaron dog treats! I was super jelly lol. The box say's "macaroon". I HATE when people confuse macarons and macaroons!

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