Try The World Snack Box $15 Off!

Another Try The World box! This time I got the snack box. They sure have come a long way since I first subscribed two years ago. They have the regular food boxes, a new alcohol club, plus the snack ones. I have blogged about them four times now including this post. I saw this deal on Facebook from their page. The cost for the box is $19 and free shipping. The code is for $15 off. I paid $4 and free shipping on this one with the code, The code is: SNACKNOW. Remember you can cancel your subscription at any time on the website once you sign up. So far with me testing these boxes I don't think I will be subscribing fully. To me this is not worth the $19 a box. Not at all! Totally worth the $4 trial but that's it.

I opened up the box.

First thing I tried was the Pop Notch Marshmallow Popcorn. I couldn't wait to get it open. I love marshmallow. This is not vegan though. It has beef gelatin in it. I have yet to try vegan marshmallows.

The Marshmallows were pink.

This was interesting. The pineapples come from Costa Rica's Rain Forest. They are sprinkled with pure cane sugar and baked at low temperatures until crispy. They are literally paper thin.

They were good but I could eat like 4 bags and still be hungry lol. Not much taste to them since all the juices have been dried out.

These banana chips come from the Amazon. I HATED them. Out of everything in this box I HATED these the most. They taste like salted styrofoam.

I like the sweet banana chips better than these.

The card in the box says I was supposed to get the rose petal flavor, but I guess they ran out. I have tried Turkish Delight before and did not care for it. I actually really enjoyed these. These are also vegan!

They have bits of cranberry inside and are coated in a powder sugar.

Ooooh yeah wait a minute these...these are the ones that I HATED. I like the plantain chips better than these things. Omgah! These tasted like medicine. They are apple pieces covered in Acai. I would not recommend these at all. Each to their own. Ir does come with three packs inside the box though.

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