Tokyo Treat Subscription Box

I LOVE unique snacks and foods from Japan! I like to go to the Asian grocery stores here and stock up on Ramune sodas and treats of all kinds. I always spend close to $100 when I go in those places. They are expensive. I think I may get more for my money in this club so I signed up. I have seen many kawaii boxes and food subscription boxes from Japan. For some reason I just HAD to sign up for this one since I found a code online. There are three sized boxes to choose from. I picked the Premium box with has 13-17 full sized candy and snack items, 1 DIY candy kit, 1 drink, 1 specialty item. It was only $34.99 and shipping is free.I pay more than that for the same amount if not less items when I purchase from a store. You are getting a better deal in this box vs the small box which is $14.99 for 5-7 items, and the regular box is $24.99 and that has 8-12 items, and a DIY candy kit.

 Use code: Forever5 for 20% off!!! 

I just subscribed to this subscription box this month. I barely made the deadline for this months box instead of waiting for next months box, 

Of course my mystery item is a cat notebook lol.

These were disgusting and my least favorite of the box. Sour pretzel sticks?? No thank you.

Omgosh these were so good!!!! One of my three top favorite snacks out of this box!

These taste just like those Hello Panda and Koala biscuit cookies with chocolate inside.

These are one of my three top faves out of the box as well. These tasted like salted sesame crackers covered in milk chocolate. SO GOOD! What a good combo. I've never had anything like this before. 

I am not too familiar with Yakisoba sauce. I did like these but I could only eat so many. Not something I would re purchase, but I have no problem eating them.

No way am I trying these shrimp chips. I despise seafood so I gave these away. As for these Corn Potage Soup flavored snacks OMGAH! These are in my top favorite three! I cannot decide which snacks out of the three I already mentioned are my favorite. These taste like Mimi's corn chowder. Not sure if you are familiar with the restaurant Mimi's Cafe. These I could get addicted to. Next time I go to my favorite Asian grocery store I will be looking for these!

I have not opened this candy kit yet. I am sure they are just soft chews like those Hi-Chew candies. I am sure they are just like these strawberry chews too. They were good. I've never had any Japanese chew candies that I did not like.

This is what the kit looks like. You dip the chewy candies i the clear gel stuff which is kind of sour and dip it i the sweet powder. It's kind of cooling in the mouth. I liked it.

These Ramune and Maple Butter Beer candies are a chalky disolvable candy. Not crazy about them, but I have no problem eating them. Not something I would re purchase.

I am not into this Pokemon stuff but I could not control what I got in this months themed package. Since that Pokemon thing is going on right now and people are going crazy I am not surprised. This Ramune is a limited edition bottle from Tokyo Treat. It's just plain flavored Ramune. I have had it before, just in the original bottle. I have not had the peach jelly yet. I am not so fond of gelatin but I will try it, just not not. I put it in the fridge.

All in all I liked the box. It came with items I have never had before. I buy a lot of Japanese snacks and I have never tried any of this stuff before today. Only the Ramune I have had but everything else was new to me. I like that. I think I will stay in the club until I get Octobers box. I am hoping that they will have a bunch of limited edition Halloween themed items. I can only hope! I want some Halloween pocky!!!! 

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