The Honest Company Trial Kit

I received a email with this trial offer to try The Honest Company. I got these sample items for free. I just paid the $5.95 shipping. You can sign up at any time. I find with this one you can ONLY cancel your subscription by phone. Also you must try the products asap if you plan to buy or not because after 7 days of you receiving the package, you will be charged! They sure don't give you plenty of time that's for sure. And them not allowing you to cancel online is not very convenient as well. I knew all of this before setting myself up for the trial. 

In this kit I got the face+body lotion, hand soap, shampoo+body wash, multi-surface spray,and organic healing balm. I will be putting these in my travel bag. I love that I can re use the two bottles once the product is gone. I've been needing a small spray bottle to put some of my favorite body spray in for my travel bag. I don't want to break the seal on the ones I will not be using right now. So the body and face lotion I did not use yet. I will be using it as a lotion on my body, but not my face. 

Even though it is hypoallergenic and all natural I have sensitive skin. I use a good moisturizer as it is. Also the shampoo and body wash I will not use until I travel. I did use the surface cleaner. It is plant based. I do like that it cleans up the counter top well, but am used to chemicals and strong odors after I clean up. I feel like nothing is going to be clean and sanitized enough with these natural cleaners. I don't need the healing balm yet so I can't test that out either. I did just test the hand soap and I quite like it. I can smell the lavender and the peppermint oil.

If you are interested in this trial kit go HERE and choose which trial you want. They also have a trial diaper kit.

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