I love this dress. It's a repo of Killstars one. I only paid less than $10 for it on aliexpress. The dress has attached garters.

LOVE my Vampira tote bag. I got it from ebay for $35.

Creepers I got for $10 or $15 on ebay.

Witchy pentacle ring I got for $3 or less on aliexpress. Also I got free shipping on all this stuff. Aliexpress ususally offers free shipping on most items.

It opens too!

I also just scored this HUGE pink hollow skull at Ross for $9.99. For the time being I took my lamp shade off and put it over the bulb.

Also just got a concealed lipstick pipe! I just got my medical marijuana card. Pretty excited that now I will have the best natural stuff for my anxiety and to help with my sleep. I do not believe in pills and anti psychotic medications. I'm not crazy. The medication was making me that way. It's been a long time since I've been on any of that stuff and I am doing great. EXCEPT my sleep. My sleep has been terrible for over a month. I tried everything and I even had to go to the ER because I was up for 3 days straight. I took a couple Ambien just for the short time use to catch up on my sleep and I ended up eating a whole can of cookies in my sleep! Ambien has been known to have people drive int heir sleep! It causes memory loss and that is what I experienced. I hated it. Soooooo that lead me to the decision to get the medicinal marijuana. I of course had to have not just any ordinary pipe but this beauty right here is perfect for me. I ordered purple and they sent me red. Oh well. I wear red lipstick anyway.

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