Just so you can see what I look like in comparison to her in this photo. I think I pulled it off okay.

The dress is not exact but I had to work with what I had at last minute. I refused to cut that dress up. It was made out of a beautiful velvet fabric.

I did a really good job on the sleeves. I just rolled up the original ones and made some shredded cuffs and attached them to the dress.

I was on my way to Monsterpalooza so I took some quick pics in the car.

One of my favorite pics of her is of her with a cigarette holder. I took this one in the car again lol.

This is the pic of Vampira with her cigarette holder that I love.

Took these following pics at the park before I headed out to the convention.

I took a quick video of me after the convention. It sucks but I was tired and extremely full. The corset was killing me!

I ran into my director friend at the convention. I already have a copy but he gave me a new one and signed it for me.

He even signed the disk.

He also gave me his card which is actually a lobby card.

If you have not followed my blog before let me explain about the DVD. A long time back I had talked about not being able to make it to the premiere of this film because it was too far. The director of the movie sent me a email and offered me two tickets. That gave me the courage to make the trip for some reason. I figured it was meant to happen. So off I went. He also was kind enough to give me a credit in the film at the end for being a big fan! I am so honored he would do that. This is the only film of hers that focuses on JUST HER! The director doesn't even take the attention away from her when he talks. She touches on so many subjects. I love seeing her laugh and smile. She was such a character! I only wish she was able to make it to her own premiere but she had passed away. I believe the DVDS are still available on Amazon.

If you would like to hear all about my Vampira weekend about my trip when I went to see the premiere click HERE.

And LOOK there's my credit!!!! So touched I could be even the smallest part of this. That is still the best weekend of my life seeing this film in person and meeting my director friend, Mailas niece, Jonny Coffin, Kat Von D and Bela Lugosi Jr! 

Frankenstein's Monster by Mike Hill at Monsterpalooza. I wanted to remove the towel :)

Doug Bradley himself signed a picture for me. I had a pic with Bela Lugosi Jr too but I can't find it dammit! I have yet to upload so much on my computer still.

The amazing purse I just got from Monsterpalooza.

I have been wanting this for a long time. Its actually a jewelry box that goes on the wall. It opens with magnets. I picked this up there too.

The day after the convention I went to The Hollywood Museum. In the dungeon they had a Vampira display with some of her original props.

This was her actual dress that she wore in character.

Those gloves may have been one of many she had. I heard that her original gloves were lavender and were on display at the Museum of Death.

I also took a trip to visit the queen of horrors herself. I went to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Here I am I just placed some gifts down. Having a moment as I stand back and take this all in.

This was her grave when I walked up. Its rather sad. Good thing her grave is next to this flower bush that grows hot pink flowers.

I placed yellow lilies down. Yellow represents friendship <3

I kissed her flowers.

I also placed a happy face pan dulce on her stone.

Her grave looks better now. A lot happier.

These were some items others left on her stone. I don't know what's up with the broken glass in the other piece of broken glass. That's just fucked up. Don't leave TRASH on Mailas grave! Loving the bat and the Hollywood Anti Social club pin. Some losers also left a broken sea shell with a bottle cap inside that says Myra & Cris. Wtf.

Behind her grave I found this lipstick. Not her color but a ghouls gotta have her lipstick...even in death. Very thoughtful. Only a woman can appreciate this one.

Someone left a skully hair bow.

I found it ironic that someone left this happy faced painted rock when here I brought her a pan dulce that looks the same! This little guy was hiding under the flower bush next to her plot. There was also a Barbie with a snake around her neck but I forgot to take a pic of that up close.

Just hangin' with Maila.

Wearing my custom bat shades designed after Vampira's bat shades.

The cemetery is huge. I only took one pic of part of it out there. Damn peacocks running around an shit. Fucking scary.


Kateri Von Steal said...

You are absolutely gorgeous.


Britnie said...

You nailed it!

Decayla said...

Thanks girls! I had a blast being Vampira for a day :D