Daiso Haul

Gifts from Daiso my friend brought back for me.

Mini cheese/chocolate grater, donut cutter and baking/cooking brush.

OMG! I have never seen one of these before. It's a cake mat to cut the most perfect slices! Genius!

Mango slicers do exist!

Mini chocolate hearts and strawberry cake flavored candy <3

Garlic peeler. I don't really need one but hey its pink!

Dessert forks and coffee spoons for my fancy time tea cups and tea measuring spoon.

Ice cube trays!

Awesome coasters.

Folding teasing comb and brush with a mirror for my traveling needs.

You hook on the straw and pop it in the bottle and screw on the top. Then you just pop open the top and suck. No putting your mouth around the top and tilting the bottle back to drink. I hated trying to drink water with my lipstick on.

Toys for my baby boy Shady <3

Tiramisu cookies!


Royal Pudding she brought back from a French Bakery!


Kateri Von Steal said...

OH MAH GOODNESS! I need a MANGO slicer!

I love seeing all your cool purchases!

Britnie said...

You had me at Tiramisu cookies! lol. Awesome! Man I wish I had the money to buy stuff all the time, you got me super jelly over here. You must make some nice dough where you work hehehe

Decayla said...

Thanks guys! And Brit let m just say that credit cards get me in a lot of trouble :/