Recent Buys

Skeleton hand necklace I bought from ebay.

I used to have another set like this but I ended up leaving it at a exs house so I had to buy another one. This one is a import and hell of a lot cooler coming in a coffin.

This movie is not that great but I have to own all of Rob Zombies movies. I respect the mans work.

If you haven't seen Gothic & Lolita Psycho you are sadly missing out!!!

Finally own this bish! Ordered this one from ebay.

Disposable electric cigarette in cupcake flavor. Shit SUCKED. One hit and it stopped working!

Now onto my .99 store finds!

Not sure if I should be happy or sad that I found this there. I am so excited to see if they speak of Vampira in it!

I already have a set of ones similar. I saw these new ones and bought more. They really do work!

These things are expensive at Walgreens as I have bought them there before. They work great. Not like the cheap ones at the dollar store. I can't believe I found these there!
Anything cake related is a must have. Found these at checkout. I have yet to try one although I am not a fan of dark chocolate.

How cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute ate these?!!!! Porcelain ring holders. They had matching purses that were piggy banks but they were ugly.

These ornate mirrors are fab! I bought 2 and finally found a spot for them.

I am channeling my Mexican. I was feeling quite festive today.

Again....I was feeling festive to tonight I shall make some <3

Oh man...these things....are.....going to KILL ME! <3

Now onto thrift scores.

Vintage candy pink lace slip <3

Old Victorian style frame. Spray painting it black.

Too cute I had to have them.

I got these from Walmart. Can't wait to make both!

Got these from Walmart too but fuck these things. They were so good I couldn't stop eating them and I got SOOOOOOOOOOOOO sick. I threw them away because I could not trust myself with them again.


Britnie said...

I want that movie set!!!! I love me my Frankenstein movies and the Creature from the Black Lagoon, those are my favorites of the Universal family.

I wasn't a huge fan of Lords of Salem either, not his best work. But I bought it anyway too. I loved his El Super Beasto movie though!

/I have to find that confetti chex mix.... You should have seen the one I made for St Paddy's it was bomb! I'll have to post the recipe soon.

Britnie said...

Oh and a cupcake cigarette? I'm all ov3r that, too bad it stopped working.

Britnie said...

Oh and a cupcake cigarette? I'm all ov3r that, too bad it stopped working.

Kateri Von Steal said...

That's a lot of cool stuff you found there!

I love the Russel Stovers Red Velvet things.. but unfortunately it's like an EAT ALL OF IN ONE BITE type of thing.